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Ghana’s mPharma and TytoCare Partner to Launch Telehealth to Pharmacies Across Africa

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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Ghanaian health tech startup mPharma has announced a partnership with TytoCare, an all-in-one modular device and examination solution for AI-powered, on-demand, remote medical exams to provide patients with enhanced remote care through in-depth, physical examinations.

Following the launch of their partnership in June 2021, over 8,000 people have been examined and treated by mPharma using TytoCare’s platform, spanning 35 pharmacies across Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, and Nigeria.

 Gregory Rockson, CEO and Co-Founder of mPharma said,“As a continent with a deficit of 2.4 million nurses and doctors, digital health solutions remain key in solving Africa’s primary healthcare challenges .Our partnership with TytoCare helps us bridge the gap in the primary healthcare space in Africa. We have seamlessly implemented our virtual doctor consultation program, mutti doctor, recording over 8,000 consultations across our partner mutti pharmacies since we launched last year.”

 Through the partnership with TytoCare, mPharma is reimagining the community pharmacy as more than just a place where patients fill prescriptions, but instead a virtual doctor’s office where they can conduct remote appointments with doctors and specialists, they normally wouldn’t be able to access.

TytoCare brings this vision one step further by enabling remote physical exams of the heart, skin, ears, throat, abdomen, and lungs, and measurement of heart rate and body temperature, allowing the doctors and specialists to gain the vital clinical data they require to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients remotely.  

mPharma is using TytoCare’s TytoPro system, a turnkey telehealth solution that enables providers to transform remote locations such as pharmacies, schools, nursing homes, home care facilities, clinics, employee worksites, and urgent care facilities into connected care sites. 

“mPharma’s vision is to make affordable healthcare accessible to every African, with our primary care strategy focused on ensuring that community pharmacies become primary healthcare providers. Our TytoCare partnership allows us to leverage modern technology to offer life-saving care to hard-to-reach areas and people who need it most.” Said Rockson.

By using TytoCare, mPharma’s mutti pharmacy network has been able to reduce costs, improve community members’ access to doctors and specialists, and save patients the long wait times that are common in hospitals and clinics.

“We’ve already seen great success in our partnership with mPharma, offering patients a robust, accessible, and affordable primary care experience through local pharmacies,” said Dedi Gilad, CEO and Co-Founder of TytoCare. “mPharma is reshaping healthcare in Africa and we’re proud to be their partner on this journey, enabling them to up the level of remote care they’re providing with comprehensive physical examinations during virtual visits. We look forward to our continued joint success and seeing more TytoPro systems in pharmacies across Africa.”

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