Uber promotes Earth Day with $1 discount for customers who use their Green cars.


Uber is celebrating Earth Week with some perks. Under its Uber Green division, its rewarding customers for choosing their ride hailing service while also preserving mother nature.

Uber Green is the company’s branch of hybrid and full electric cars. It extends to other forms of transport including Lime e-bike and Lime e-scooter.

Starting today until April 30th, the company is offering a $1-per-journey discount if you choose an Uber Green car, bike or scooter ride.

Sun roof Adventures

Customers in Los Angeles, Miami and Washington DC who request an Uber Green ride on Earth Day (Friday) will have the opportunity to take in an “impromptu adventure” which will show videos on the inside part of the sun roof. As Uber put it “The Uber Green rides will give the illusion of adventuring in some of the planet’s most precious places – from the Arctic to the Serengeti or the Great Barrier Reef,” 

Previously, Uber required customers to pay a surcharge of $1 whenever they commute with the Green cars in US and Canada. The charge is permanently being scrapped off and Green cars will now cost the same as the standard Uber X rides regardless of demand. 

So far Uber Green is available in more than 1,500 cities and towns worldwide. The company says it has invested $800 million to increase its fleet of electric vehicles by 2025 to meet the zero emissions goal in North America and Europe by 2030 and globally by 2040.