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Xiaomi has released a Bluetooth controller for PCs, smartphones, and televisions

Xiaomi is attempting to acquire a new audience in every corner of the globe. Once again, the famous Chinese manufacturer has released a new gaming gadget after a successful fundraising drive. The launch has been done in China, while the rest of the globe is set to follow in the coming months.

 This controller,” Xiaomi Gamepad Elite Edition,” connects to any smartphone/tablet (iOS, Android), PC (Windows, Linux), or TV box using Bluetooth 5.2. While not all specifics concerning this attachment, such as its autonomy, are available, the Chinese maker has provided a few critical data.

There’s nothing new about the keys besides the standard Start, Select, A, B, X, and Y buttons. Triggers, a directional cross pressed, and two joysticks arranged diagonally in the style of Xbox controllers are also featured. A switch has also been placed on each handle so that it may be pushed easily with the middle finger. A six-axis gyroscope ensures accurate monitoring of motions and the normal vibrations through a motor, among other characteristics.

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