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YouTube Go Will Soon Be Shut Off By Google

by Vanessa Waithera
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YouTube Go will soon be shut off by Google.

With an emphasis on low-end devices, Google began building lightweight Android applications that could run on smartphones with minimal phone characteristics, such as RAM and storage, which were commonly used in emerging economies.

Google Go Apps such as Google Go, Maps Go, Gallery Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Gmail Go, Gboard Go, and Files Go were introduced. These pared-down apps were designed to run on low-cost devices.

Google, on the other hand, is discontinuing the app in August.

“Specifically, we have improved performance for entry-level devices or those that watch YouTube on slower networks. We’re also building out additional user controls that help to decrease mobile data usage for viewers with limited data,” Google said in a statement.

In October of last year, the business ceased giving updates to the app, which had over 500 million installations.

Over the last five years, Android OEMs have begun delivering entry-level smartphones with higher-spec specifications, reducing the demand for lightweight Android apps.

Is Google’s recent upgrade putting its Android Go versions and applications in jeopardy?

Google already offers Android Go Editions for Android 8 Oreo, Android 9 Pie, Android 10 Go Edition, Android 11 Go Edition, and Android 12 Go Edition. Does this imply that its other Android Go apps are still in jeopardy? Will the Android 13 Go Edition be released later this year? We’ll have to wait and see.

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