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Take a trip: Slots in Japan

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Online casino slots can be accessed all across the world, providing you have a strong internet connection. But did you know, there are some countries in the world where you will not be able to find a physical casino to play at? Well, one of those places is actually Japan. Although you may not find any brick-and-mortar casinos here in Japan, you will find arcades. So, if it’s Slots that you’re seeking, whilst holidaying in the land of the rising sun, you’re in luck! What’s more, there’s also online Slots on offer – so all is not lost when it comes to gaming.

Read on as we take a trip to a new land, and discover what kind of Slots are on offer, and the truth about the Japanese gaming market.

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Pachinko and Pachinko Slots

Pachinko is a popular gambling activity found in Japan. In the 1920s, the first Pachinko machines were built, inspired by the wall games found within Europe at the time. Pachinko got its name from the ‘pachin’ sound made by balls when they bounced off walls within the machine.

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By the 1930s, the game was reinvented by Masamura Takechi. This is where a complex arrangement of nails was added to create an even more challenging game for players.

It wasn’t until after the Second World War that the first commercial Pachinko parlour emerged in Nagoya. From here, popularity grew.

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As there are no casinos that can legally operate here, Pachinko has taken Japanese locals by storm. And, over the years, Pachinko has evolved to include slot machines, namely Pachislots. Many of these games are located in parlours, often found in downtown business streets and within shopping malls.

Playing Pachinko and Slot Machines in Japan

When holidaying in Japan, Pachinko parlours can be a very enticing place for tourists and holidaymakers alike. The parlours are easy to spot with their bright neon lights and chiming, creating an enticing atmosphere for all to come in and play.

Slot Machine Laws in Japan

Seeing as slot machines can be found everywhere in Japan, the Japanese government drafted national standard guidelines that everyone must strictly follow, which are:

  • A slot machine must only contain three reels.
  • The reel must not spin more than 80 revolutions per minute.
  • Each reel within the machine must have a button that a player can press to stop.
  • When the stop button is pressed, the reel must come to a complete halt within 0.19 seconds.
  • 15 coins is the max payout amount and this should never be exceeded.
  • Your credit meter should never go over 50.
  • You are only allowed a maximum bet of three coins.

With the national standard guidelines enforced, playing Pachislots has gained a good following, especially since allowing a better payout percentage. In Japan, a players’ payout can range from 90 to 200%. Despite the regulations of a 15 coin maximum payout per play, players often take advantage of the Big Bonus and the Regular Bonus clause, where the 15 coin payout limit can occur repeatedly, therefore resulting in bigger wins overall!

If you can’t wait until you land in Japan to play a game of Slots in the parlour, there are always a variety of online slot games ready and waiting for you to play at the touch of a button. You can even find some with a Japanese theme, to tide you over before you eventually get to enter a Pachinko parlour in person.

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