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Google I/O Conference 2022: 5 features we captured from the event

by Joseph Richard
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Every Major Tech announcement today is a few tiny brain games. Last week we had the famous Google I/O conference which happens every year. It is one of the largest conferences as it assembles various bright minds from around the globe together. It was not just about the developer’s thing or the new Operating system coming this summer from the manufacturer but also a set of novelties beyond our imaginations.

Let us get a glimpse of what it was like

Google Wallet

Let us not forget that the manufacturer rebranded its NFC service to Google wallet after several years of testing the famous Android Pay and then Google Pay. Google plans to include even more items, such as hotel room keys and corporate badges and identification papers, and driver’s licenses in other countries.

A striking interface

After performing very well in the smartphone market share globally, the manufacturer is convinced that its performance on the table ecosystem will also flourish. This summer, the American manufacturer hopes that its next Operating system, Android 13 will improve in areas where Android 12 failed. We are stressing simple features such as the Easy multitasking, which enables users to utilize side-by-side programs, and more appealing  interfaces which minimize extra spaces  on your display, among the new features of Android tablets

Copy and Paste Functionality

Finally, applause for Google, just like in the  Macs,  iPhones, and iPads, it is now possible to copy and paste across android devices.

The smartphones of 2022

Google unveiled the Pixel Watch, its next smartwatch, and the sweet soup the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones are coming this autumn. From what we know so far, the design of both models will shine with circular and domed edges. The rest of the housing will be finished with a crown-like the Apple Watch crown.

Better Privacy

Everything expressed this year in the keynote address concerning advertising and privacy is consistent with Apple’s comments. To start with, Google is experimenting with tighter control over the ability of apps to monitor your activities. Finally, the new advertisements Center should appear in your Google account, allowing you to govern your advertising types better.

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