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Best ways to Reduce Cellular Data Usage on iPhone: How to

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You must monitor cellular data usage on your iPhone frequently and prevent Apps from consuming excessive quantities of Cellular Data.

You should be able to manage within the limits of your Data Plan after you get into the habit of monitoring Mobile Data Use and implementing strategies to prevent Cellular Data usage by unneeded apps.

Turn off Background App Refresh.

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When WiFi is unavailable, most Social Media Apps have an obsessive desire to refresh data in the background, utilizing your pricey Cellular Data.

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and flip the toggle to the OFF position to stop Background App Refresh for Social Media and other unneeded Apps.

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Turn off WiFi Assist.

The iPhone’s WiFi Assist feature has frequently been connected to excessive Cellular Data and Battery Usage.

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Go to Settings > Cellular, then scroll down and turn the toggle next to WiFi Assist off.

Turn off cellular data for iCloud.

Ensure that all document and data transfer actions between iPhone and iCloud are performed solely via the free WiFi Network.

Go to Settings > Cellular > scroll down and turn off the option next to iCloud Drive.

Turn off Cellular Data for Downloads

Check that Apps and Updates can only be downloaded on your smartphone via WiFi.

Go to Settings > Cellular Data and turn off the option next to App Store, iTunes Store, and Music.

After that, your iPhone will only download iOS and app updates while connected to a WiFi network.

Please keep in mind that you will not be able to stream music using Cellular Data.

Unused Apps’ Cellular Data Should Be Disabled

When you have a limited data plan, you must use the Free WiFi Network as often as possible and enable just the most needed Apps to use Cellular Data.

Go to Settings > Cellular and turn off all Unused Apps, Social Media Apps, and other non-essential Apps on your iPhone that should not be consuming pricey Cellular Data.

Make sure you browse through all of the Apps on this screen and only allow the most important Apps to access Cellular Data.

Cellular Data for Photos Should Be Disabled

Photos and videos can consume a lot of data. As a result, you must block the Photos App from using Cellular Data to upload or share photos.

Go to Settings > Photos > Cellular Data and turn off the option next to Cellular Data.

Disable Cellular Data Refresh in the Background

By disabling All Apps from using Cellular Data for background tasks, you can expect to save a significant quantity of Cellular Data.

Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Wi-Fi.

Disable Video Autoplay

As you may have noticed, videos begin playing automatically when you browse Social Media or News Related websites on your iPhone.

Turning off video autoplay in social media apps can result in data savings, especially if you visit your social media accounts frequently.

Open Facebook and select the 3-line Menu icon from the bottom menu.

Go to Settings > Account Settings > Videos & Photos > Autoplay > Never Autoplay Videos and check the box.

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