Samsung software version S90xEXXU2AVE4 update is now available for the Galaxy S22

©️@taanhuyn on unsplash

At the beginning of the year, the South Korean manufacturer released its top-of-line smartphones, and since then, it has been doing great. As of late, there have been some difficulties with its one product: the Samsung Galaxy S22 line. Fortunately, an update that might save your life has just been released.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is getting yet another software update that is a little more fascinating only a month after the last security patch was deployed. However, there is a catch as the update applies only to S22 versions with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU. There are also plans to fix the same problems with the  Exynos versions  later in the future

This week, the software was released and intended to enhance the Galaxy S22’s “overall stability of operations.” While the description remains vague, this update corrects several abnormalities and other problems relating to apps and the system as a whole. We’ll have to do with these sparse facts, but the patch should be downloaded as soon as feasible.

If your Samsung Galaxy S22 does not give it to you automatically, you may get it by navigating to the phone’s settings and then to the “Software Update” option. The patch’s size is anticipated to be about 350 megabytes.