Apple: The road to Apple’s augmented reality headset hasn’t been easy


Apple has high hopes for augmented reality, but delays and development issues have beset it. Already we have touched on Apple’s virtual reality headset or even AR / VR glasses on this website not once or twice, but the Cupertino firm has been hesitant to reveal these devices.

As of the writing of this article, one particular source has gone undercover, retracing the many phases of the project, which started in 2015. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, who seems to be a firm believer in augmented reality, had to persuade the company’s board of directors before making significant expenditures in the field.

To demonstrate this, Apple created a tiny demo with a little rhinoceros that expanded to full size. Because no prototype was available, Apple engineers were forced to experiment with Windows or HTC Vive alternatives. Some of the manufacturer-modified versions were so hefty that they needed support to prevent council members from getting neck strain.

Apple’s headgear also had to contend with an adversary because it was designed by Jony Ive, the brand’s well-known designer. Regardless of the software and applications produced by the company, the guy and his team believed that the general public would not embrace the notion of wearing a virtual reality headset for numerous hours.

Tim Cook did not provide open and enthusiastic support for the idea despite his apparent enthusiasm for augmented reality. As is his custom, the CEO only paid visits to the engineers on extremely rare occasions. Apple’s designers are still working on the design of the first headgear, which might be unveiled in 2023.