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Here are the 15 startups selected for CcHUB’s Createch Accelerator Programme

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The Creative Economy Practice at CcHUB has selected 15 startups to join the Createch Accelerator 1.0 programme to enable them work at the intersection of technology and creativity to access knowledge, networks and support that quickens their path to profitability, scale and access to needed institutional financing.

the selected startups will have access to a network of Creative Economy leaders including the ATCG network of Tech and Creative Economy ecosystem leaders across Africa, access to talent, distribution and funding advisory, opportunity to pitch to CC HUB Syndicate for up to $250K in equity funding, access to product advisory and technical support and access to partner credits from Google, Amazon web services, Hubspot and more.

The startups include:

  • FanBase Africa; is a print on demand, direct to consumer eCommerce start that sells music and sports apparel merchandise to fans across the world.
  • STARS App; is monetizing Africa’s largest creator’s marketplace, it’s like a Cash APP for creators. They have created Africa’s most efficient distribution and monetization product for creative entertainment STARS.
  • Adirelounge; connects and empowers unconnected artisans to local and international markets, helping them to grow sustainable businesses through skill development, design consultation, and viable partnerships. 
  • Tell!; is a startup that builds digital, no-code tools to enable African creatives to seamlessly showcase, monetize and distribute their creative works and skills. 
  • Teraki; is an audio streaming platform hosting, producing and distributing East African Audiobooks and Podcasts to the world.  
  • Idozi Collective; is a premium retail brand, focused on discovering and showcasing new and established designers across Africa that are sustainable and ethical, who possess high quality in design, and are easily accessible. 
  • Fashtracker; is a B2C/B2B organisation, which aims to globalise African fashion through infrastructure, retail, and education. They currently run a  marketplace which globalises African fashion brands.
  • Stylebitt; is building the digital infrastructure for modern fashion businesses. The textile and apparel industry provides the second largest employment on the continent but is fragmented and devoid of digital innovation. 
  • Nollydata; is a one-stop website (shop) for everything Nollywood.  Digitization of all things Nollywood. They are making it easy for Producers to find talent (behind and in front of the cameras) for their very next project, and also find information about our favourite Nollywood movies. 
  • Usanii Space; loves production and is committed to simplifying it, starting with film locations. marketplace connects thousands of producers and agencies with spaces to create commercials, films, and branded content throughout Africa.
  • Mawu Africa; is connecting African producers in the creative and culture industry(CCIs) to businesses, consumers and opportunities across the globe. 
  • Orange VFX; is a Pan-African Digital Content Production Company with a mission to entertain, inform, and inspire, through unique storytelling that leverages creativity and technological innovation to build a better Africa. 
  • Vezuh; provides financial services and monetisation tools to creators. They are supercharging the creator economy and filmmaking community by connecting businesses, brands, buyers and fans to creators.
  • PayBox; is offering SMEs and Millennials across Africa easy access to the best integrated cross-border payment and embedded financial services using Web 2.0 and 3.0 technologies at competitive fees.
  • Twiva; is an Influencer-powered Social Commerce platform where Businesses Market and Resell products and services through social media influencers.
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James Musoba
Studying Africa's startup and technology scene. I always look forward to discovering new exciting inventions and vibrant entrepreneurs.

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