Nigeria’s bamboo to develop first smart city, Silicon Delta, in Port-Harcourt


Nigeria’s real estate company, bamboo Real Estate and Construction Limited – a subsidiary  of the bamboo group of companies, has announced plans  to develop its flagship smart city project-Silicon Delta.

Planted in Port Harcourt, the Rivers state capital, and fully-powered by technology, the project is a smart, green city where innovative and creative minds can live, work, play and create.  The new project seeks to help redefine living conditions and technological advancement in Africa and is expected to be completed by 2030.

Speaking on the development and vision, the Chairman of bamboo Group Mr. Oseyomon Ighodaloh, underscored the need to aggressively invest in “future-ready” smart accommodation to meet up the ever increasing demand of housing, especially for remote workers.

He said: “Nigeria, especially the southern region, is in dire need of a future-ready community that drives growth, and fully powered by technology where business-friendly governance, policy and regulatory systems are all in place to encourage the remote-work lifestyle.”

Described as creating Silicon Delta, Ighodaloh noted that the project was designed to provide an oasis of unprecedented technology and world-class infrastructure that incredible Nigerian talents deserve and need for greater innovation.

He added that the project was consummated in a bid to solve the challenge of lack and shortage of quality and conducive accommodation that has led many to leave the shores of the country in search of an environment that works and supports their ideas and businesses, leading to brain drain

“The company has further gone ahead to initiate the process of acquiring over 370,000 square metres of prime land towards delivering on the mandate,” says Ighodaloh.

By setting a standard in Nigeria, the project will build a community of people who are passionate about innovation and ready to storm up new ideas that would put southern Nigeria on the global map.

According to Ighodaloh, Silicon Delta will have world-class healthcare, educational and recreational facilities all within walking distance from home. “The city will create an ecosystem that enables innovative start-ups to thrive, attracting tech and IT talents from around the world,” he said.

With a vision to be a truly African company with a reputation for innovation and excellent service delivery, “We are inviting and welcoming other partners and global investors to champion this project and make this dream a reality.

“As investors, you will be placed on the map, get facilities, streets, named after you. You’ll get returns on your investment as a part of the founding shareholders of the Silicon Delta, and go down in history as one of the selected few who made the Niger Delta region globally recognised”.

The mission is to replicate the success stories of Singapore, Dubai, and Bangalore and become the new tech capital of the world, and it will be an investors haven.

In 2018, Nigeria’s housing deficit was at 20 million housing units. At the current rate of population growth, that figure is bound to have spiked by at least 21 per cent come 2030 when the Silicon Delta will be officially launched.”

Silicon Delta will afford residents a clear view of beautiful sunsets with no wires hanging around while offering similar broadband speed to countries like Singapore, Hongkong and Switzerland.