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After DLSS, FSR, and XeSS, Apple’s upscaling technology, MetalFX is here with us

by Joseph Richard
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There is so much going on around Apple Ecosystem, especially after the Kickoff of the WWDC 2022 event a couple of days ago. From iOS to the new Macs, the Cupertino manufacturer has not forgotten its Mac gamers, thanks to the upscaling of the MetalFX.

The manufacturer has already planned to use its new and powerful M2 processor to get a foothold in the gaming business. Following in the footsteps of NVIDIA’s DLSS, AMD’s FSR, and Intel’s XeSS, Apple takes advantage of the chance to enter the upscaling competition.

MetalFX was among the excellent products that the manufacturer displayed during its first days of the WWDC 2022 event. MetalFX is an integral part of the newly updated Metal 3 API and was briefly presented during WWDC 2022 before being further detailed via developer documentation.

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 MetalFX has been introduced to propose an oversampling of a low-resolution picture to a higher-resolution image while minimizing the quality loss. In addition, it will still be able to provide both the time-based localized over-sampling used by DLSS, FSR 2.0, and XeSS technologies.

This year Macs and iPads will be the first to use MetalFX to sail across the Apple cosmos. Under the hood, we also have a Metal 3 API upgrade that has given apple some powers to enhance the whole gaming experience on their devices. So what do we mean in particular? We will be able to benefit from a quicker resource loading, offline shader compilation, improved shader generation optimization, and a backend for PyTorch 1.12.

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