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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have more storage capacity, but at what cost?

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The foldable gadgets‘ from Samsung marketability had been showing great results since their launch late last year. It is now time to focus our attention on its next foldable flagships that will be released before the year ends.

As we continue to wait for the event scheduled later in August, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 lends itself to speculations and other leaks. For a few years, phones with foldable screens have increased. With the popularity of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung has dismantled it brilliantly. As a result, the announcement of a new model later this year comes as no surprise.

What is making waves at the writing of this article is that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a larger storage capacity. In simpler words, they should take advantage of  256 GB. 512 GB and  1 TB  storage capacity.

As we can remember, this is not the first time the south manufacturer has decided to equip its devices with larger storage capacities. Earlier this year, when the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we witnessed a similar story.

What is the Impact of such storage capacities? Does it mean that the prices of the models will also increase? Well, given that the 512 GB option of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 costs roughly $ 1,899, the 1 GB version of its replacement is unlikely to cost much more. It is evident that soon enough, you will be able to sell your piece of land to get the  Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4.