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New Forza Motorsport to come in 2023 with stunning graphics and new game physics

The eighth installment of “Forza Motorsport” is coming to Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, and a new trailer showcasing in-game footage was released on Sunday.

“Forza Motorsport” (there is no “8” in the title) is a racing simulator that will be released in the spring of 2023, as opposed to the more arcade-like “Forza Horizon” series. And the new video, which uses the popular Maple Valley racetrack as an example, highlights the game’s outstanding graphics.

The game boasts 4K/60fps graphics with realistic reflections, car damage, and even shifting daylight. This last feature allows shadows to shift based on the time of day, adding to the game’s immersion.

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There’s also the new physics model to consider. Changes in the time of day effect track temperatures, which in turn affect grip levels, just like on an actual racetrack. The amount of rubber on the track, as well as the weather, affect gameplay. Tire and fuel management will also be incorporated into the new game.

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Dennis Mathu
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