WhatsApp is rolling out new privacy control settings

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WhatsApp is rolling out new privacy control settings to give users more authority to control who can view their status, profile photos and last seen. The new controls were rolled out to a select group of users earlier last year.

WhatsApp took to Twitter early this week to make the announcement, the tweet said ” To further protect your privacy online, we are rolling out new options to your privacy control settings. now you can select from your contacts list who can see your profile photo, about information and last seen status”

In the recent past, WhatsApp has been keen on making the app more user-friendly by introducing more safety measures such as view once options for photos to limit users from sharing their photos, videos or files with someone else on the app.

Up until now, you could choose to have your WhatsApp Status, Last Seen, and About info visible to everyone, or your contacts or have it completely hidden but now you have a fourth option to share to a select number of contacts only. This option was previously available for status.

Now you have the option to share with everyone on WhastApp, make it available to contacts in your address book only, your contacts except those you wish to exclude from and lastly share it with no one.

WhatsApp says These additional controls are a way of helping you stay safe on the app.