Lenovo has unveiled a laptop without a screen that has an integrated projector


The Lenovo Group, already quite active in the market for laptops and desktop computers, recently introduced a brand-new idea named Mozi. It is a novel laptop that integrates a retractable keyboard with a mechanism for projecting images.

To utilize the computer, unfold the keyboard and turn on the television projection when the user wishes to do so. Even though the video projection system needs a separate display surface, the setup is meant to be small and relatively simple. Therefore, using Mozi while sitting at a computer in a waiting area is difficult.

The “separate screen” suggested by the designers is not displayed. Therefore it is impossible to understand precisely how this notion works.

It is hard to tell what kind of setup would be suggested here since neither the technical data sheet nor the Mozi-signed Lenovo is specific. Above all else, it is a notion, a “new approach to content projection.”

It is currently unknown whether we will ever be able to get a laptop entirely devoid of a screen in favor of a projection system.