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No lightning ahead for the Pixel 7 Pro CPU with Tensor 2?

Google decided to officially launch the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro earlier than anticipated this year to beat the leaks. But aside from their appearance, we already have a good deal of information regarding the American company’s upcoming smartphone line.

Fortunately, Google is still not very good at stopping leaks, as seen by selling a Pixel 7 prototype on eBay five months before its official debut. This time, startup logs from a Pixel 7 Pro that may have fallen into the wild revealed some details about the future smartphone.

Although Google has hinted about a second-generation Tensor SoC, we shouldn’t anticipate that it would much outperform its predecessor. Eight cores will make up the integrated CPU, including four low-power Cortex-A55 cores to handle the light tasks that the Tensor Pixel 6 already runs.

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The two high-performance cores should be Cortex-X1, while the two intermediate cores should continue to be Cortex-A76.

We can still hold out hope that improvements, changes to the clock frequency, or a different burning procedure will still make it possible to purchase a faster CPU if this information does not suggest an increase in performance for this new device. The GPU in the SoC is not mentioned in the leak.

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However, a Samsung S6E3HC4 reference panel will be included with the Pixel 7 Pro. We can still hope for modest improvements, even if it is likely that it won’t be much different from the Samsung S6E3HC3 screen of the Pixel 6 Pro from a year ago.

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