The Apple Watch saved a woman who was stuck in a freezing river


A woman decided to swim in the Columbia River in Oregon on June 15. Then, in the riverbed, his foot became wedged between several rocks. She had the impulse to call 911 from her Apple Watch as soon as she discovered she could not move.

The cops could step in just in time since they arrived in less than 30 minutes and were prepared with a ladder. To free the swimmer’s foot, a cop dove into the river. She came back to the bank unhurt but exhausted and hypothermic.

Although we hope you never need it, this Apple Watch function is simple. To make an emergency call, hold down the side key while moving your finger over the word “Emergency Calls.”

Holding down the key for a short period will also call the emergency room if you cannot utilize the touch screen. Your location is shared with emergency agencies when the Apple Watch calls.

Apple’s connected watch has already acted as the protagonist. Although emergency calls are convenient, the watch also has other tools. A fall detection tool is one example that tries to help elderly persons at risk of falling.

When its owner falls, this function automatically notices it and asks the user whether everything is okay. After one minute of inactivity, the watch signals for assistance without confirmation. The tool then notifies your emergency contacts of your location in a message.

You must actively turn on this option in the settings to use it. Still, if you are over 55, it will turn on for you automatically.

This information must be registered beforehand in the Health application.