To Improve Customer Service, NTSA Purchased A New Enterprise Data Centre


To improve customer service, NTSA purchased a new enterprise data centre.

In an effort to provide top-notch customer service, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) purchased an enterprise data centre. This is a component of the authority’s service reform and digital transformation agendas. NTSA claims the new data centre will improve system availability, faster speeds, efficiency, and reliability.

“We( NTSA) acknowledge the transition has occasioned slight disruptions to our clients and we are working round the clock to complete the process,” reads NTSA’s communication department.

The data centre would enable real-time monitoring and reporting of road safety, the agency claimed, enabling data-driven management of road transport and safety.

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“Our goal is to ensure our clients enjoy same-day service delivery in registration, transfer of motor vehicle ownership among other services upon completion of the migration process.”

To allow data-driven management of road transport and safety, the data centre will also enable real-time monitoring and reporting of road safety. In response to customer service requirements, security concerns, and technical improvements, the authorities implemented the updated Transport Integrated Management System (TIMS) in June 2021.

The new system is advertised as being quicker, more integrated, less complicated, easier to use, optimised, secure, and with enhanced reporting capabilities.

Users may now check the progress of service applications online at their convenience. NTSA services may be accessed by residents thanks to TIMS, an online platform.

To make services easier to access, all NTSA-offered government services were moved to the platform in January 2017. A national identity serial number, a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) pin, and a phone number are needed to establish a TIMS account.

Services available through its account include vehicle registration, car inspection, duplicate logbook applications, driving license applications, instructions for training new drivers, ownership transfers, online car searches, applications for reflective number plates, and registration of structural or functional changes to vehicles.