Your Google smartwatch now supports Fast Pair, enabling you to pair your headphones swiftly


We have been using the Fast Connect protocol to pair our headphones with Android for a few years. The latter allows for quick and easy synchronization of headphones or earbuds using Google Nearby and Bluetooth Energy technologies.

This feature that Google’s update log indicates is also coming to WearOS. The most vulnerable version of WearOS would be the most recent (and third). It would make it possible to identify and connect previously linked headphones to compatible devices instantly.

In fact, when joined to the user’s Google account, the aforementioned audio goods would be instantly recognizable by a connected watch, of course, affiliated with the same account.

Additionally, Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch might profit from the Fast Pair functionality if any Samsung smartwatches running WearOS3 can claim it. The American giant’s first smartwatch was just given official status and is scheduled to launch by year’s end.

As seen on the Googles Pixel page, we were able to confirm the following information:

With Fast Pair, it’s quick and easy to connect your headphones, watch and phone to each other. The Pixel Buds Pro also simplify things by automatically switching the sound between watches, phones and laptops”. So a good omen for the flight of this Pair.