YouTube rolls out picture-in-picture support to more users


YouTube is rolling out the Picture-in-Picture support to all iOs users in the US and premium users globally.

A tweet by Team YouTube said “it’s happening! picture-in-picture- is slowly rolling out for YouTube on iPhones and iPad just like on Android.”

In the next few days, iPhone and iPad users and Youtube premium users will be able to continue viewing YouTube content in a small pop-up window while doing other things with their devices when they close the app.

Picture-in-Picture options allow you to watch YouTube videos in a small mini player while simultaneously browsing other apps on your mobile device. When you open YouTube and close the app indefinitely to attend to other things, the app will now allow continuing viewing your videos or music in a small pop-up window.

Picture-in-Picture option was previously available to YouTube Premium subscribers in the United States.

Globally, all Premium members on iPhones and iPad will have access to PiP for all content for both music and non-music videos. If you don’t turn on PiP, you’ll still be able to use background play by default. Premium members with Android devices already have this feature