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Will Apple manage to acquire the UEFA Champions League rights?

by Joseph Richard
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The Cupertino firm is known for its awesome iphones, and they are now on plans to invest several billions of dollars to increase the appeal of its streaming service. In short, Apple wants to own the UEFA Champions League rights.

As seen from various sources, apple wants to invest several billion dollars in new, exclusive content as part of a significant overhaul to its streaming service. There are now sporting events available in addition to movies and television shows.

As a reminder, the firm acquired the Major League Baseball broadcasting (MLB) rights in March 2022. Major League Soccer(MLS), the American football league, was developed in June. Another new adventure seems to have already captured Apple’s attention: acquiring UEFA Champions League broadcast rights to European air football and, most importantly, attracting many fans to their services far from beyond the US.

By the way, each season is anticipated to cost $2.5 billion, and thus, the broadcast rights are also attracting interest from Disney and Amazon, which should account for the high cost. Apple should hold the best cards in the deal.

Financing, however, is still an issue that needs to be addressed. There were no additional fees for subscribers at MLB, but there were at MLS. It is still unknown what it will look like in the NFL and the Champions League.

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