Google Workspace Features Coming to Android 12L


In a few months, Most Smartphone Flagships would have received Android 13. As far as this is concerned, there is still a lot of work to be put on Android 12, which apparently would be corrected in Android 13. For large Screens, however, the Californian tech behemoth wants to enhance the user experience on touch tablets with Android 12L.

As seen from the blog. Google, there are plans that most Large displays will use its Google Workspace office suite and a variety of its products. As a reminder, google unveiled Android 12L, the touch tablet-specific version of Android 12, at the Google I/O conference last May.

The Google workspace features will permit  Android 12L to work effectively as various features are continuously added to this Operating system. As a result, here are the multiple components that your Larger displays may benefit from sooner


First, Google is improving the drag-and-drop functionality between two open applications in multitasking mode. For instance, you can drag and drop text from Chrome into a text document or a spreadsheet cell. Additionally, it functions while switching between Google Drive folders or from Sheets to Docs.

Add keyboard shortcuts

Tablets are increasingly used in offices, particularly with a laptop-style keyboard. Google has integrated keyboard shortcuts that let you “select, cut, copy, paste, undo and redo” in the Drive, Docs, and Slides applications.

Opening two windows simultaneously

When managing and viewing multiple files at once, Google Drive’s tablet ergonomics have thus far been impractical. Google is implementing a new window system as a result of realizing this. Now that we can open two Drive windows simultaneously, we can see the files more clearly.

Android 12L will receive all these Google Workspace upgrades in the upcoming weeks. Keep checking your Update Center