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Google Camera app provides fresh hints regarding an impending release for Foldable Pixel

by Joseph Richard
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The Pixel NotePad, Google’s next foldable smartphone, seems to be on its way. If things go to plan, it is suggested that the foldable phone may arrive alongside the Google Pixel 7 series. With every day passing, a lot of leaks are being offered online. What is refreshing now is that the smartphone may include a feature found in the most recent version of the Google Camera app.

9to5Google claims to have found references to planned novelties for the Google Pixel line of devices or new capabilities that will be added to the application in the future inside the most recent version of Google Camera, the camera application for Pixel smartphones.

Jupiter function diagram for Google Camera / Source: 9to5Google

This is the case for a new function known as “Jupiter” in the first place. A schematic of a smartphone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with an inner fold and a screen that folds in on itself highlights this feature, which relates to folding smartphones. Jupiter will be accessible on the devices available through a button to the left of the camera switch button.

Given the design, we can thus assume that Jupiter will be a feature enabling you to shoot a selfie using either the device suggested on the smartphone’s exterior screen or the camera built inside the foldable screen.

But it’s unclear if this feature is intended to be utilized with Google’s next folding smartphone, which would be released under the Pixel NotePad, or if it’s also being developed for other models.

Additionally, Google has found new features in Google Camera 8.6. Hotshot offers advice to help you snap better selfies, and Amber and Amethyst, two new video and picture shooting modes, are examples of this.

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