Samsung unveils new repair mode to prevent theft for Galaxy phones


Smartphones often hold a lot of private information. Private images, private chat messages, and bank information are all included. Information that, in the wrong hands, nobody wants to know.

For this reason, Samsung has finally launched its repair mode for its Galaxy Phones to help prevent your data from leaking during manual repair by various smartphone repairers. The repair mode is enabled via the settings menu, restricting access to personal information.

Your smartphone will restart once you activate the mode. When renewed, the operating system hides all other programs and data, leaving just the default apps installed. So you won’t have stomach agony while giving someone your phone.

Enter your PIN or have your fingerprint scanned to turn off the repair mode if your phone is working correctly once again. Although a specific date is unknown, the Samsung Galaxy S21 should be the device to provide the new option.

Unfortunately, these features have only been rolled out for the Korean market. It remains to be seen whether Samsung r will eventually make the feature accessible everywhere. Keep checking With Us