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TikTok is testing a “nearby feed” feature to display local content to users

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TikTok is testing a new “nearby” feature on the feed that will display local content to users. The feed is currently being tested with select users in Southeast Asia.

Users in the region will see the new feed displayed alongside the “Following and “For You” feeds on the app’s homepage.

Nearby feed will be paired with TikTok’s recommendation algorithm to offer a similar experience to that of Snapchat’s Snap maps and Instagram’s Searchabeable map that making it easier for the users to locate local content from nearby places.

Nearby feed if made available globally would open up much more new possibilities for users on the app and even impact other external apps that depend on location like Google and TripAdvisor, local advertisers and even marketers who are looking to connect to local users.

We don’t know yet when TikTok plans to launch the app. Any outcome is possible with test features to either be implemented or even be scrapped altogether

In an interview, a TikTok spokesperson told Techcrunch ” We are always thinking about new ways to bring value to our community and enrich TikTok’s experience”.

TikTok is also testing a feature that gives creators the ability to add location tags to their videos as it cuts into its search product and the TikTok “Shop feed” that lets users browse and purchase products from a number of different categories.

The shop tab will serve as a hub for TikTok merchants and creators to showcase and sell products directly on TikTok.

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