Google is more interested in your data than Apple


A recent StockApps report reveals tech companies’ appetite for their users’ data. This is hardly a secret; Apple is the thriftiest firm, whereas Google is the most voracious.

The Californian Giant eats up 39 distinct sorts of personal information each user, according to the StockApps survey. Amazon gets 23, and Twitter receives 24. In contrast, with 14 and 12 different types of data, respectively, Facebook and Apple have a greater appetite for content.

You’ll have noted that even though Microsoft isn’t mentioned here, we are talking about GAFAM in the headline. Let’s say instead that Google is the “GAFAT” member that is the most greedy. The apple brand’s ideology is related to the last spot on the podium. The statement “Respect for privacy is a fundamental right, and it is one of Apple’s core values” is used to introduce the company’s privacy policies.

 The report’s author claims that Apple can only access the data required to administer user accounts. As for Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is said to store mainly the information entered by the users themselves.

The publication reminds us that Google’s business model depends greatly on advertising revenue. As a result, the firm has every interest in capturing a large number of data, sometimes without your consent, to set up its targeted advertisements.