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Cameroonian digital solutions startup, Taaply, secures $500k from US investors

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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Taaply, a Cameroonian digital solution startup,  has secured a $500k funding round from US investors to enable the company release a new app and upgrade its website to enhance services.

Launched in 2021, Taaply, Inc. aims to provide digital solutions to help Africa reduce carbon emissions. The startup has recently developed a brand-new app, as well as new website features and interesting products, to enable consumers further in digitalizing and managing their social and professional connections, as well as revolutionizing the customer data-sharing experience

Commenting on the new and improved website features, Taaply noted that the products would help customers further digitalize and manage their social and professional connections while effectively revolutionizing the customers data sharing experience

The recent funding, app and website updates and improvements will enable Taaply to effectively compete for the growth opportunities in the healthcare and health insurance markets, the startup said. 

Taaply is currently active within several countries in Africa, Europe and North America, and plans to expand beyond its currently marketed products.

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