Google Meet imitates Zoom to improve the flow of your interactions


Many Internet users have been using videoconferencing software like Zoom, Meet, or Teams every day for a few months. Additionally, each update brings new features that might simplify users’ lives.

Today, Google has introduced a function to Meet that Zoom users are already used to. Google alerts users to a new feature known as “push-to-talk” that enables users to activate their microphone by depressing a key.

 Here, holding down the space bar while speaking is sufficient. The silent mode immediately resumes when the button is released. Using a fast and easy manipulation, this gadget, according to Google, enables the facilitation of meetings by directly activating its microphone for speaking. A feature that may also be helpful for individuals who often forget to return the device to the silent position following their involvement.

 Be aware that the functionality will be included in an update that launches on September 9th and is not turned on by default.