The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S22 will soon get a significant boost


Samsung will release a brand-new, significant upgrade for the Galaxy S22. The manufacturer released a surprise update a few days ago intended for several hundred million “obsolete” cellphones.

The update arrived to address a GPS module-related issue. With the impending release of a new update that will closely examine the picture department, it is clear that the Korean juggernaut is not forgetting to improve its Galaxy S22 line.

The Korean brand aims to please everyone who has pointed out its device’s numerous defects and other limitations of picture capture, even though its smartphones are reasonably competent at photography.

The 3x telephoto lens on the Galaxy S22s will first be able to record hyper-lapse videos, thanks to Samsung’s upgrade. Additionally in development and shortly to be released is an Astro Hyperlapse capability. A QR Scan optimization has also been added to this, namely with a larger area and a method that promises to be much quicker.

Additionally, a QR code within a document cannot be scanned if the phones first detect it. With the latest update, pressing a QR code within a document will cause the camera to examine it. Along with basic AI optimization for the Night mode, numerous HDR performance improvements have been applied.

 Additionally, Samsung claims an enhanced stabilization mechanism and picture quality for video shooting. This new update will be released “very shortly.”