Virtual Numbers from Freezvon: Cheap and Useful


More and more customer support companies offer alternatives such as chat, email, or even WhatsApp itself for business. Despite this, there are still many organizations that use the phone as their primary means of communication (whether with customers or any other organization). The virtual number can become a modern efficient solution as it’s a system that allows you to work with the second line, thereby separating the personal number from a professional and forwarding calls to your landline or mobile phone.

The cheap virtual phone numbers (VN) from a specialized Freezvon Company allow users to always be in touch. At the same time, the owner of such a digital solution can constantly change his/her location, be where he/she currently needs, and use the capabilities of such a number at full blast. This allows you not to overpay money for communication and maintain close contacts with branch employees, colleagues, business partners, or those located in a different part of the world.

In addition, it includes other interesting tools such as call history, receiving incoming call notifications, technical support, or real-time consumption monitoring. This VN can be used from additional devices: landlines and computers, the main condition is a sustainable Internet. IP telephony is a basic way to get the desired option and this telephone connection will work over the Internet. There’s no need to lay separate metal wires around the building to connect it, all you have to do is a general connection to the international network.

Why is IP telephony profitable and effective for business?

Communication with customers is carried out digitally when office telephony connects and works via the Internet. Special SIP protocols are responsible for converting an analog signal to digital, compressing, transmitting, and decoding data packets. IP telephony allows you to create a single corporate network and connect a wide variety of devices to it, from a smartphone to a laptop. The main thing is that the device can connect to the Internet. Accordingly, its owner will have access to all the functionality of Internet telephony from any device.

  • Identification of the subscriber’s number on the line.
  • Call forwarding according to specified rules and scenarios.
  • Connecting an auto attendant with a voice menu, voice mail, and sending information about the call by email.
  • Recording and storage of conversations on the provider’s server.
  • Conducting audio and video conferences.

Cloud PBX for the office allows you to significantly reduce the cost of communication for the enterprise. A user of Internet telephony services does not need to lay new communication lines, purchase and configure expensive equipment, or maintain a staff of system administrators specially assigned to PBXs. It is enough just to install the program on the device, log in, and set up work scenarios. The Freezvon provider is fully responsible for setting up, maintaining, and updating the telephony system.

IP telephony allows you to quickly optimize the work of the call center and distribute or even significantly reduce the workload on employees. There are almost no long delays on the line with a large flow of incoming calls. Their functions are partially taken over by the auto attendant when the operators are busy. The smart system answers the call with a pre-recorded voice greeting, directs the subscriber through the voice menu, or records his/her call for further listening. An organization can use any VN convenient for it that solves business problems. For example, a short number 8-800, a virtual number with the code 495 or 812, or a beautiful number with an easy-to-remember sequence of numbers. Thus, cloud telephony in the office allows you to maintain continuous contact with any customers: local, regional, and foreign.

Those who decide to connect a telephone for the office via IP telephony will be able to effectively conquer foreign markets through branches and representative offices. Cloud communication will save on renting commercial premises. It is enough to hire managers, connect them to a virtual PBX, set up access to the system, and call forwarding. This is especially convenient when the company enters the international market and hires native speakers for easier communication with local customers.

Thus, IP telephony covers a wide range of tasks.

  • Reduces communication costs.
  • Provides effective analytics tools.
  • Allows you to accompany clients 24/7.
  • Removes dependence on expensive city telephone lines.

Ultimately, IP telephony contributes to a quick return on investment and allows you to optimize your business strategy to increase profits. Note, if you have an analog mini-PBX and want to switch to virtual IP telephony, then you don’t have to change anything – the virtual PBX connects to an existing office PBX.