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Google will release new sharing and accessibility capabilities for Android

by Joseph Richard
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Google still has some new in-store improvements to enhance the experience provided by its home OS and its many services, even if Android 13 was just launched a few weeks ago.
The search engine juggernaut will first enhance file sharing with Nearby Share, which works similarly to AirDrop in the Apple ecosystem and lets you instantly send a document, photographs, or videos from one Android device to another over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi of both handsets.
Soon, users will be able to share files through Nearby Share on a different device, such as a backup smartphone or tablet. The exchange of files from the chosen receiving device will be automated once the option is engaged. So you don’t require confirmation to send important papers or your last batch of vacation images.
While YouTube enables you to view a video with up to 100 people, Google Meet will include games like Uno for you to play with pals. The operating system of linked watches, WearOS, has not been forgotten, and it will let the usage of a Bitmoji as your dial’s wallpaper. The expression of the Bitmoji will vary based on the day and the weather outside.
Additionally, Android will include additional options for users who have hearing impairments. Throughout a Google Meet chat, they can pin one or more people so that their windows will always be active during group conversations. For instance, it will be possible to keep the interpreter in charge of translating into sign language visible on the screen.

Finally, a recommendation engine for emojis will soon be available on the GBoard keyboard, based on your writing message and context.

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