Battery replacements On Your New iPhone will be more expensive


Apple did not disappoint since it was anticipated! Yes, compared to the prior range, the costs of the different iPhone 14s have increased. As a result, the basic model has a price range of 1,019 euros to 2,129 euros, with the Pro Max version costing 1 TB.

Every time, the price goes up by around 100 euros, or even 170 euros, for the priciest mobile devices. The depreciation of the euro versus the dollar and the rise in logistical costs stand out among the causes cited by economists.

In conclusion, it should be noted that not everyone will be able to get an iPhone 14 right away. Apple has also decided to assess the costs associated with maintaining and repairing its new phones. The biggest thing that has been fixed is how often batteries were replaced. And this is terrible news for consumers.

It costs 49 dollars to replace the battery on an iPhone with Face ID. luckily, a number that won’t alter… Unless you want to get a 14-inch iPhone. In this particular instance, the identical procedure will cost 43% more, or $99. Let’s note, however, that in the case of a problem during the first year, Apple does not charge the client.