The Pixel Watch spotted on the wrist of Sundar Pichai, Google CEO


Google unveiled the Pixel Watch, their first connected watch, back in May. A watch powered by Wear OS, Google’s in-house wearable operating system.

The Pixel Watch will provide a 100% Google experience, putting the most popular services front and centre and making them easily accessible with a gesture. This will be enhanced by thoroughly integrating Fitbit’s technological innovations, given that Google acquired the company in 2018.

At the Code Conference 2022, Google’s PDG, Sundar Pichai, recently granted Kara Swisher an interview in which she was questioned about productivity, Google’s future, and the web market. But it was his heart that caught the attention of many onlookers.

In actuality, the Pixel Watch in gold was carried by the Google PDG together with a Lemongrass bracelet. A straightforwardly recognizable combination given that it is the one that Google has highlighted on its online store. The chance to view the active always-on display mode.

Remind yourself that Google will soon release its new smartphones, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. In addition, Le October 6, with a commercial launch in the marketplace, the Pixel Watch is expected to be officially launched.