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iOS 16: Here are the best features present with these operating system

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For a few weeks, we were entitled to the customary Apple Keynote every September. As a result, apple had the chance to present to us its most expected iPhones, the iPhone 14 series, alongside a  slew of new features.

iOS 16, the most recent version of the brand’s mobile operating system, came with the new iPhones, and the smartphones compatible with the OS have started receiving updates. TAs a result, the upgraded software will

Unquestionably, the ability to customize lock screens is the biggest innovation of iOS 16, unveiled at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) before the summer. Apple previously made changes to the home screen that made it easier to install widgets and organize the icons in any way they pleased.

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With the development of concentration modes, we could even create a home screen for each mode specifically to cut down on distractions. This time, personalization is gained for the lock screen. Apple has met a long-standing expectation of its consumers by adding certain widgets or changing the typeface of the day.

 Additionally, similar to the “portrait” dials on the Apple Watch, you may set a picture shot using the mode’s name as your wallpaper, which will cause a portion of the subject to appear in front of the clock. This graphic innovation creates a lovely sense of depth.

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Notifications are prominently shown on this lock screen along with the picture. They are now located at the bottom of the screen to let your wallpaper shine. To avoid occupying the area made available by alerts, the widgets, on the other hand, are placed right below the time. They can also be seen on the iPhone 14’s new Always-on display. Some programs claim that an interactive notification lets you follow sports scores or food delivery from the lock screen.

Always on the communication side of native applications, iMessage also has the right to features already existing in much direct messaging software. For example, between users of the service, it will now be possible to modify or delete an iMessage once sent. An option already exists on apps like WhatsApp or Telegram, and Apple has now taken it into account. This is, of course, not possible with the green text message bubbles.

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Finally, other features such as the “isolation” mode, which protects your data in case of suspicion of a cyberattack, or the haptic feedback on the keys of the keyboard are also part of the game. In addition, tab groups for Safari are available, and Apple has also worked on an identification that avoids captchas.

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