Apple has not fixed these issues with iOS 16 Since iOS 13


Numerous new features, including a revamped lock screen and improved message editing, have been included in iOS 16, Apple’s most recent operating system upgrade for its mobile devices. However, many also claim that they have issues with games.

In iOS 16, a fast access pop-up window for copying and pasting opens when you press the screen with three fingers at once.

You may also cancel or reenter text by simultaneously swiping with three fingers. Unfortunately, touching with three fingers also works in video games.

In numerous rhythm games, including Rotaeno Rotary Rhythm and Rhythm Source Point Arcaea, tapping the screen with three fingers can trigger pop-ups and cause the game to be interrupted, according to accounts on Twitter and other social media sites.

Users claim that this issue first cropped up when iOS 16 was still in the testing phase, but Apple never rectified it, leaving it in the finished product.

 Furthermore, this is not the first time this has happened: when iOS 13 was introduced in 2019, three-finger touches and gestures interfered with games like PUBG Mobile and Fortnite.