iFixit: Apple iPhone 14 represents the most significant overhaul since the iPhone X


The Apple iPhone 14 may resemble the iPhone 13 nearly precisely, but the phone’s design has been radically changed. This is the most significant substantial upgrade since the iPhone X, according to iFixit’s teardown, which makes specific fixes considerably simpler.

The Apple iPhone 14 appears to only offer a few improvements over the iPhone 13: the design is essentially unchanged, the Apple A15 Bionic is still present, albeit with 6 GB of RAM rather than 4 GB, the front and primary cameras have seen minor improvements, and the device now supports Apple’s satellite emergency calls.

The unnoticeable smartphone was recently dismantled by repair professionals from iFixit, who discovered that the iPhone 14 represents the most dramatic overhaul since the iPhone X. Because, as other breakdown videos have previously shown, consumers can now separate the display from the casing as well as the rear of the device, as opposed to just the screen in the past.

 So if the back is damaged, it can finally be easily changed. Additionally, because of this design, Apple can provide back repairs for a lot less money; for example, a back repair for an iPhone 14 costs “just” 199 euros as opposed to 599 euros for an iPhone 14 Pro.

A metal plate between the battery and the display provides essential stability in case of falls, and the design of the antennas had to be revised, according to iFixit, which claims that Apple had to radically rethink the iPhone 14’s plan to make this design viable.

The best rating since the iPhone 7 on iFixit’s repair scale, it is still “only” enough for seven out of ten available points. Better ratings aren’t achievable since Apple still uses software to block many unlicensed technicians’ fixes.