Nothing Phone (1) gets an update bringing changes to the camera, support for LHDC high-definition audio, and so much more


There is good news for everyone who has the Nothing Phone (1), the smartphone the company has been selling for a few months. With new features and other enhancements on the menu, the latter now enables the smartphone to be animated by version 1.1.4 of the Nothing OS mobile environment.

The upgrade enables some improvements, including better integration of the Ear application’s (1) functions, support for LHDC high-definition audio, and the ability to change the navigation interface.

The September security patch, an Always On Display option with lower battery usage, enhancements to Face Unlock, and a smartphone with promised more moderate heating are all additional features.

With the option to add a Nothing watermark and a new algorithm to increase stability while taking pictures of moving objects, the Nothing OS 1.1.4 update also performs well in the photo department. Additionally, a quicker capture in HDR-enabled ultra wide-angle mode and improved color calibration in the same mode has been implemented. You are aware of what has to be done.