5 Ways to Make Your Audience Leave Comments on Your Instagram Profile


Insta comments play an important role in engagement on social media platforms. By commenting on posts, users let others know that they are paying attention and interested in the conversation. This encourages more users to participate, making the IG platform more engaging for influencers, businesses, services, and ordinary users.

But sometimes, it is pretty challenging to engage people in such kind of direct interaction. No matter how attractive your publications are, only a few followers are willing to share their thoughts and ideas on the topic. If it’s your case, read on to find out the 5 ways to increase your Instagram comments rate.

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Why do you need comments on your IG posts?

Replies on Instagram publications can be beneficial for several reasons.

Public opinion

First, they can help you gauge the reaction of your fan base to a particular post and let you know what content is resonating with them. It works because people love expressing their opinion on almost any issue on Earth.

When you post something on Insta, it can be challenging to gauge how well your followers receive it. Did they like it? Did they find it funny? Did it make them think? If you provide your fans with the opportunity to speak up, you will only win.

Of course, you should not create clickbait or provocative posts because IG remembers everything, so your reputation can be damaged by all those negative comments.

Great tool for business

Instagram comments can help businesses connect with customers, build relationships, and promote their products and services when used correctly. Overall, Insta replies are an excellent tool for businesses because each positive reply is good advertising for potential and existing customers.


If you’re trying to increase engagement around a particular issue or topic, IG comments can also help to start or continue a conversation about that issue or topic. We advise you to regard your comment section as a field of valuable reviews.

The audience always decides what is good, bad, and just mediocre (which is even worse!). For this reason, never ignore the opportunity to get some fresh and exciting ideas from your followers.


If you are a novice Instagram user, you may not know that almost any attention to your account is beneficial because it brings engagement. Attracting replies on Insta is as effective as sharing reels or running giveaways.

If fans leave IG comments under your publications, it means that your brand is interesting to them. But it’s not only about pure interest. A constant flow of replies boosts traffic and improves your account visibility.

Moreover, it can help increase sales because people tend to trust the accounts with many likes and comments on Instagram. A huge following base may look suspicious if you don’t have those hearts and comms.

Satisfaction with your work

Finally, Insta comments can simply make your posts more enjoyable to scroll through – who doesn’t love seeing positive feedback on their work? It will also give your account priceless social proof.

All of us are guided by herd instinct, and it’s okay. How does it work? When users see a profile with lots of replies on IG, they automatically think there is something really trustworthy here.

The most effective tips to encourage your followers to leave comments on Instagram

Overall, there are plenty of good reasons to encourage comments on your Insta publications. Let’s dig deeper into tips on how to attract them to your profile.


Tip 1. Appeal to Emotions

It’s not a secret that competition on IG is enormous. And to catch the attention of users, you need to stand out with posts. What is the secret of high engagement? Appeal to emotions! People love when the content they see or read evokes some emotions in them.

Use strong visuals to catch your followers’ attention and make them leave Instagram comments. After that, it is more likely that they will read your post. Then your task is to be funny/touching/a bit controversial/drastic/whatever can call for an emotional reaction. Just don’t be rude; otherwise, you can push away even your loyal followers.

Tip 2. Use Questions

Asking questions in your Insta captions is a perfect and effective method to encourage engagement. By asking questions, you make it more likely that people will comment on your IG posts, as they will have something to say in response. Additionally, questions can help start a conversation among your followers (and not only on Insta, you can start the conversation on Twitter and share the Tweet directly to IG Stories), making your account livelier and more interactive.

Be sure to ask interesting and relevant questions to your audience, and avoid those that are too personal or controversial. If you’re unsure what kind of questions to ask, try brainstorming with your team or looking at other popular Instagram accounts for inspiration.

With a little effort, you can increase the number of comments on your Insta profile in no time!

Ask questions that are easy to answer. It is not an exam or philosophy club. Easy yet interesting questions may become your account hallmark and win you a reputation as a thoughtful brand interested in its customer opinion.

Tip 3. Offer Incentives

Offering a discount or giveaway is a witty way to get more IG comments. By offering something of value, you’re more likely to encourage people to leave a comment. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to express gratitude to your fans.

Make sure to clearly state the rules of the giveaway and how to enter so that people know what they need to do to participate. Also, choose a prize that will be endearing to your potential customers. You can increase the number of comments on Instagram and thus the engagement and reach by offering a discount or giveaway.

Tip 4. Share Something Personal

We bet that your brand takes a huge part in your heart and is a business of your life. Tell your fans about it! Share stories about how this brand was founded, who was your source of inspiration (maybe it’s your grandmother or a beloved pet), and promote your company values on Insta.

You can now post to Instagram directly from the desktop, so you don’t necessarily need a phone for that. People really love to see something humane in a business and are more gladly interacting with it. Open your heart and soul, and you will see how your followers share their stories in IG comments too!

Tip 5. Respond to your followers

Finally, this very tip may seem obvious to you, but many brands forget this golden rule of social media promotion. Your brand has to be down-to-earth. React to complaints, say thank you for kind words, and answer questions (even funny and confusing ones), and you will see that you are getting more and more Instagram comments each day!

Final thoughts

So if you are still doubting, “do I really need that reply?” the answer is YES! This is a metric as important as likes and views. After all, it is not enough just to have thousands of likes and no replies to convince your audience that your business is really engaging. With these simple yet effective ways to attract more Insta comments, you can really get the boost you need.