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You won’t be able to use a SIM card in your iPhone 14 if you purchase it in the USA

by Joseph Richard
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Thanks to the Cupertino brand, the new iPhone 14 has been available for a few days. They bring some innovations with their latest picture area and Dynamic Island functionality.

iFixit, a company specializing in disassembling and fixing our favorite high-tech gadgets, has released a film on the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. The chance to peer inside the beast while also being reminded that importing an iPhone 14 from the United States is not advisable.

The USA offers the four iPhones from the new iPhone 14 range in eSIM mode. Additionally, the latter operates solely through this brand-new, dematerialized technology and lacks a designated slot for a SIM card.

Thus, iFixit learned through the disassembly of the iPhone 14 Pro Max that Apple is satisfied with placing a plastic wedge in the internal space created by removing the tray rather than using it for another component or a new function. Therefore, there cannot be room for any actual SIM cards.

Additionally, people who planned to be able to purchase an iPhone 14 in the US to benefit from a lower price and utilize their SIM card may need to reconsider. Future adoption of 100% eSIM iPhones in additional markets is inevitable.

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