Fitbit gadgets will support Google accounts starting in 2023


Google has been reworking the Fitbit brand to make it more “Google friendly” than ever since acquiring it a little over a year ago. According to the American giant’s announcement today, starting in 2023, a Google account will be necessary for “certain applications” of Fitbit products and services.

Fitbit customers may now access their accounts using a specific Fitbit ID or the “sign in with Google” option. Consequently, two entirely distinct accounts do not exchange data. Fitbit gadgets will support only a Google account in the following years.

Despite this, Google asserts that it wishes to keep Fitbit customers’ health and wellbeing data distinct from Google Ads data. The Google account will be active for “Fitbit by Google” items starting in 2023, and its usage will be required beginning in 2025 to keep using the fitness brand’s products.