Windows 10 will also be eligible for its next 22H2 upgrade


Windows 11 has played a significant role in the headlines in recent days. It is evident that attention was primarily focused on the most current version of the operating system with the long-awaited release of the 22H2 upgrade

As you know, Microsoft will shortly provide Windows 10 updates, more than seven years after the operating system’s first release. This “Windows 10 October 2022 Update” should be released in October next year.

 Despite the little information we currently have, other than the typical patches, we shouldn’t anticipate any significant changes from this update since the OS is already comprehensive and full of functionality.

Remember that even if Windows 12 does not launch before 2024, Windows 10 will still be supported until October 2025. Let’s also be clear that not everyone can or wants to upgrade to Windows 11 at this time due to hardware constraints. As a result, Windows 10 will continue to hold a significant position in the months and years.