The technology that transformed online sports betting


It is true that sports betting sites already start from a certain degree of technological complexity after the evolution of physical sports betting locations. But to their online counterpart, with the latest trends in technology, they are advancing even further, starting with sports betting sites not on Gamstop, which are one of the features players want the most when choosing a site to bet on.

Let’s take a look at some of the technological advances and cutting-edge features some of the world’s best online sports betting use; to grow their business and the fun of their players.

Big Data

Thanks to the big numbers, sports betting sites can calculate and adjust the odds much closer to what statistically will happen in the match, or at least to what is predicted.

Thanks to Big Data, sports betting sites can carry out some actions such as:

  • Analyse the match history of the teams that will play the match in an automated and exact way.
  • Adjust the numbers according to the predictions that Big Data throws.
  • Predict user behaviour when betting.
  • Balance the odds by adjusting them, taking into account aspects unrelated to the history between the teams.
  • Add variables that can be different, depending on the time when the analyses are carried out, in an automated way.

As you can see, Big Data is something that sports betting sites need to take advantage of. That is why today, it is one of the professional profiles most in demand by sports betting sites to join their companies.

Broadcasts in streaming – It is true that it is not a novelty for clients for almost a decade since sports betting sites have been offering this type of retransmission. In the old days, when people gambled in physical betting houses, many players placed their bets and stayed at the premises watching the sport they had bet on.

Sports betting sites are a world in itself, of course. People used to bet more often again on the same match or on matches that were going to be broadcast for free at the venue later. For this reason, many sports betting sites have been adding streaming. Today, it is common in almost all prestigious international sites in the industry.

Artificial intelligence – It has not transcended too much in what artificial intelligence is applied to. However, some sources indicate that they could be using this new technology to improve interaction with the user, such as chatbots that learn from past conversations with users. This way, they can offer great customer service without the need to have the expense of a real person attending to each request they receive from players. This reduces the number of people so that they only have to intervene when the bot itself cannot resolve the doubt or question the customer has.

This technology can save a lot of money on personnel costs and will soon pay off the investment made in developing or purchasing the chatbot and the technology necessary to develop it. Also, artificial intelligence is widely used to analyse data and players’ preferences, and in the end, it makes the experience smoother for players overall.

Chatbot – Chatbots are conversational bots that can be used to answer the most common queries from users. Chatbots simulate conversations with people through the keyboard or by voice. They have the ability to act by simulating human behaviour and can hold conversations much more fluidly than an answering machine.

Security – When talking about the technology of internet betting sites, the most important thing is always security, data privacy and the guarantee of safe transactions. In addition to constant improvement in these categories, online sports betting sites have made other digital advances, including improvements in payment security. Nowadays, the encryption methods of casinos, digital sports books and sports betting sites assure us that our information is encrypted to guarantee our safety.

Sports betting from mobile phones and smartphones – It may seem very obvious, but making the sites run flawlessly and natively on smartphones is one of the biggest and best innovations in sports betting, as these are extremely powerful these days. Now we can bet in real-time via a smartphone and see the results of our bets in real-time.

More and better payment methods – Back in the day, when you wanted to make transactions with a casino or a sports betting site, there were only a few payment methods. Fortunately, today you can make payments that go to your bank or PayPal account or even use cryptocurrencies.

Virtual reality application – Virtual reality (VR) is increasingly growing in sports betting sites. This technology allows you to enjoy various sports such as soccer, golf, hockey and others. While still new, VR is something that helps to create an immersive experience. Imagine watching the game you bet on in VR, feeling like you are actually at the stadium. It may sound like science fiction, but we are not that far from making it a reality.

Blockchain technology – The use of Blockchain technology is what greatly improves the gaming experience. It is what allows expanding payment methods and the use of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has proven to be an extremely efficient and safe way of paying, receiving money, and encrypting data. Having this technology under the hood is extremely helpful for players and developers of this type of site.


Sports betting has grown exponentially from the moment it started, making it easier for players to place a bet and enjoy the game.

Embracing technology is always a good thing!