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Words and Expressions Within Sports Betting

by James Musoba
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There is a sea of ​​terms and expressions in the betting world, and they can often be confusing for new players of betwinner app. Below we explain the most common terms so that you bet stronger the next time you want to place a bet.


Odds is a term that describes the probability of the outcome of an event. In sports betting, odds are set by experts. Odds can be expressed in several ways. Decimal odds are used. If you play for $100 at odds of 2.31, this means that you get $231 back if the game ends successfully. This, therefore, includes the effort.

Live odds

So-called “regular” odds are what you play before a sporting event. After the event has started, it is too late. Then it is live odds that apply, and as the name suggests, with live odds, you can bet money on a sporting event while it unfolds. Live odds are most commonly used in football and other famous team sports. The odds will change along the way as the match develops.


1 stands for the home team, 2 stands for the away team and x stands for a draw. On this game type, you can choose whether you think there will be a home win, an away win or a draw. This is one of the most common game types.


It works in the same way as 1-x-2, except you cannot bet on a draw. Thus, you simply play on the team, or the person you think will win. In the event of a draw, you get your money back.

Long term game

As the name suggests, long-term betting is a type of betting where you like to bet on the outcome of an entire tournament or league, as opposed to just betting on who will win a single match.

Other terms and expressions

You can bet on a lot in sports betting. In football, for example, an incredible amount of different things can be played in just one match. Bets can be made on who wins, the number of goals, when the first goal comes, whether it is a free kick, who scores, or which team scores first. The options are many, and there will only be more and more game types. Therefore, you will quickly learn what is involved in the concepts of tie insurance, cashout, European and Asian handicap, and more.

Strategies for success?

Arguably the most important thing to think about when it comes to sports betting is managing your bank balance. If you want to be a winner in the long run, you need to take care of your money responsibly. It’s certainly cool to log in to the odds page and place a bet on tonight’s big match, but is it so smart? It is not in such games that you become a winner over time. If you want to show green numbers over a longer period of time, you need a clear strategy. Then you must avoid ill-thought-out games and sky-high stakes that you cannot afford to lose.

1. Play with units

Several betting experts make use of the unit system. It measures how much one can afford to bet of the money stock, seen concerning the risk of the game. In other words, low-risk games can be played with more significant stakes (number of units) than high-risk games. If you follow this model with units, you will soon have increased your cash holdings, which in turn means that you can bet more.

2. Calculate game value

Calculating game value is also a strategy. This means that you only play when your own assessment of the value of the game is greater than the bookmaker’s. This means that you only play when this is over 100 percent. If one believes, based on information and assessments, that Liverpool has a 55 percent chance of winning the football match, while the bookmaker gives odds of 2.10, which in percentage means 100/2.10=48, then it means that the match has a game value of a whopping 115 percent.

3. Bet on singles games

In sports betting, it is smart not to bet on too many matches on the same coupon. It increases the risk of losing. The smartest thing is to play on single games, as in the long run it increases the chance of winning and a larger cash balance.

4. Bet on several bookmakers

It is perhaps easy to think that it makes sense to find a bookmaker with a particularly rich sportsbook and stick exclusively to this. It is not. Where it makes sense to bet on a selected sporting event depends entirely on the odds and conditions offered. 

If your favorite bookmaker does not have an odds guarantee that ensures payment of the deposit if it is played at worse odds conditions, it makes sense to play where the best conditions are offered. It costs the same to play anyway, but you get more in return when you win. That is why it is smart to have a betting account with 4-6 different bookmakers so that you can play where you get the best conditions. It gives full flexibility to play at the best odds and the winnings are also bigger when the game ends successfully.

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