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TCL Nxtwear S Smart Glasses Launched, Retails at $449

TCL Nxtwear Sunglasses

TCL has launched new glasses, TCL Nxtwear S, based on new technology Nxtwear Air that was announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new wearable offers a visual experience that erases normal display making viewing content more private and ensures they are top quality.  

According to TCL, the glasses are intelligent and offer a similar visual experience to what you get from looking at one TV from 140 ″ about 4 meters away.

The glasses comprise a micro OLED display that gives a viewer a FullHD experience with 2D content, as well as other features including compatibility with Windows, Android, and iOS when used with adapters in devices that employ a magnetic pogo-pin connector.

The Nxtwear S has a dial that can change viewing modes between 2D and 3D and volume control that adjusts the audio to optimize the high and low frequencies and produce a crisp sound in the speaker array positioned close to the ear, providing a much more immersive experience.