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Huawei Hi Nova 10 Set for Launch with 5G

by Terryanne Koech
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Huawei is hands on deck to launch a new mid-range series, HUAWEI Hi Nova 10 which is an updated version of the Nova 10 and 10 Pro launched at the beginning of the year.

The new smartphones are able to support 5G networks and will include two different models, the basic one and a Pro variant. The devices will be proposed as substitutes to the Nova 10 series but with support for fifth-generation networks.

HUAWEI teased the photo of the new smartphone on social networks showing its external features and design. The launch event is set for October 20, 2022, but the marketing could only take place around 29 October.

The HUAWEI Hi Nova 10 Pro is said to have a battery that supports 100W while the base model would stop at 66 W. Other features are yet to be revealed.

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