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Top 5 Crypto Platforms for Long-term Investment: 2022 Ranking

by James Musoba
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Digital currency exchange should be possible in two ways, such as trading one crypto with others you desire to use or maintain or generate revenue. The last choice is typically conceptual, and most traders will depend on tested crypto platforms, technologies, and approaches to succeed. Most cryptocurrency platforms currently utilise blockchains, which incorporate decentralised trading volumes and databases, and are safer due to high-end security protocols.

The following top 5 digital currency platforms provide the technology, reliability and security necessary for any long-term investment.

5 Platforms to Guide your Long-term Investment Journey


One of the first crypto platforms in the world, Pionex, offers 18 free auto-trading bots. Consumers can fully automate their daily exchanges without always monitoring the market. It provides an array of robots, including the smart bot, grid bot, Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) bot, and others. It enables manual exchanges using crypto to crypto transactions. Its auto-trading bot is a program that simulates the implementation of trading orders without the need for manual data sources. This implementation occurs when precise market requirements are met.

Bitcoin Profit

Traders need an efficient and rapid crypto platform to trade the constantly changing value of digital currencies. As such, Bitcoin Profit’s advanced trading algorithm can research the market segments and identify potential breakthrough opportunities.

The platform, supports a variety of currencies to diversify your portfolio, as well as features like auto-trading, technical analysis, charts and more.

Thanks to its advanced algorithmic systems, Bitcoin Profit has created considerable exchanges for financial investors by using sophisticated strategies.

Upon registration via their official website, you can receive trading advice from their credible brokers. The customer support team is also available 24/7 for any technical queries or general information and is accessible via email, live chat, or phone.


One of the most impressive platforms to purchase digital currencies in the US is Binance. In 2017, Binance entered the market for trading digital currencies. By transaction volume, Binance has been the most prominent option in its initial years. Every day, Binance maintains at least US$10 billion in trade volume. Also, Binance has several years of crypto trading expertise, and its consumers have highly valued it. Obviously, it is still one of the most astounding platforms of cryptocurrency trading to check out in 2022.


Kraken, one of the more prominent digital platforms available, was only introduced two years after Bitcoin. While ‘experienced’ isn’t always equivalent to the ‘best’, Kraken provides a service with the highest level of security, with over 120 coins to browse locally, and about 160 coins for clients throughout the world. The platform offers the opportunity to risk your cryptocurrency and win rewards at a lesser cost than usual.

Kraken might be an excellent option for both investors who are more professional and those who are just newbies with digital currencies. The goal is not to maintain a rookie position for a prolonged period of time in order to avoid going bankrupt on investing.

More skilled investors might be eager to make the most out of Kraken’s wide array of coins. While this has previously distinguished Kraken from many other crypto platforms, in the US this has since been confined to individuals with really extensive resources. All things considered, all investors should act wisely while engaging in basic trading on Kraken or another crypto platform. Don’t put up any funds you can’t risk losing.


BitYard is a trade that was launched in 2019 but don’t be deceived by its freshness in the crypto market. It has developed and advanced into one of the most significant and influential digital currency trading platforms. In actuality, the BitYard platform has been designed so that traders may use services for copy trading, spot trading, and contracts for differences (CFD). BitYard differs from other digital programs because it provides beginner-friendly features, which simplifies the general experience of using the platform and is substantially more alluring for consumers who probably didn’t have much past knowledge of using a trade.

Final Thoughts

That’s a summary of some of the primary crypto platforms and their enticing features. This article examined what to consider when picking an exchange platform for your trading objectives. It makes sense that the word “best” is vague, and in this analysis, it is essentially as analytical as it is practical when deciding what to advise. It is strongly recommended that you make an investment, whether you choose one of the crypto platforms mentioned above or research more that isn’t included to satisfy your demands. Prior to making any financial decisions, DYOR on both your favourite digital currencies and platforms.

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