5 of the best TVs on a budget

Watching tv and using remote control

Whether you’re a gamer, a film buff, or a television show binge-watcher who’s a little strapped for cash, these top five televisions are the pièce de resistance of budget TVs and are bound to blow your mind with their breathtaking technology.

Despite 2022 being a truly excellent year for TV tech, the sheer number of televisions to choose from has certainly made window-shopping considerably more difficult, so if you’re struggling to discern what’s the best 32-inch TV, or the best budget TV for gaming, then look no further.

Our budget selections are all below £500, so you can still get a slice of this year’s best 4K TVs for a top-tier cinematic experience without emptying your pockets.

Samsung Q60B 43” 4K Smart TV (2022) –

It’s incredibly rare to find such an amazing deal on an incredibly high-tech television, and yet here we are, this is Samsung’s Q60B – a 120 Hz QLED TV that’s below £500.

QLED TVs use quantum-dot technology to create an enormous colour range and brightness compared to standard LED TVs. The result? Seriously incredible visuals that pop like nothing else.

This is a seriously great deal on a terrific television that isn’t going to stick around forever, so don’t miss out on one of the most affordable high-end TVs on the market this year.

Hisense 43A6EGTUK 43-inch 4K TV –

Hisense is known for its excellent range of high-tech budget televisions, and its 2022 43A6EGTUK model is the epitome of a great tech deal.

At 43-inches, Hisense’s budget-friendly TV is great for less than £300, with plenty of audio output to rock you to your core, and enough speed to allow for easy, no-nonsense browsing.

Samsung 43-inch BU8000 UHD Crystal 4K Smart TV –

Samsung’s BU8000 brings a lot of value out of a relatively small price tag thanks to its incredible Crystal UHD technology, which looks sublime.

While it doesn’t quite have the rich colour and brightness of a QLED television, Samsung’s BU8000 still stands out drastically from a standard LED screen, with plenty of incredible processing power, design elegance, and visual excellence.

Samsung 32-inch 4K UHD Smart Display –

Is it a monitor? Is it a TV? Well, it’s a bit of both. This smart display looks deceivingly like a monitor – it’s only 32-inches, and yet it’s got built-in 10W speakers, as well as all the smart features you’d expect to see in a full-size smart TV – with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and more available at the press of a button.

SHARP 4T-C42CJ3KF2FB 42-inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV –

If you’re not interested in the bells and whistles of QLED, or Crystal UHD, a humble 4K TV might just be the perfect choice for your home.

SHARP’s C42 TV is an incredibly solid 4K television, with a lovely UHD display, HDR functionality, and is incredibly simple to browse, whether it’s Freeview or streaming apps you’re perusing. Despite being more affordable, the build quality of the C42 is rather excellent, with nice thin bezels and a sturdy frame that’ll survive the chaos of a busy family home with ease.