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Here’s how to activate WhatsApp’s new Hidden Chat and Online status-hiding Feature

by Vanessa Waithera
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For its users, WhatsApp recently introduced a number of new privacy features.

The ability to hide one’s online status is a feature. The online status concealment feature of WhatsApp has introduced a few months ago, and it is now accessible to all users on iOS and Android. In light of this, you can now hide your WhatsApp online status from your boss or a stalker.

Step 1: Android or iOS users will first need to update the WhatsApp app
Step 2: Open the WhatsApp app on your phone
Step 3: Head over to the Settings menu
Step 4: Next, click on Account settings
Step 5: Scroll down to the Privacy option
Step 6: Click on Last seen & online
Step 7: Now, you can select “who can see when I’m online”
Step 8: Change the setting as per your requirements.

Users currently have the option of limiting who sees their last seen information: all contacts, certain contacts, or only a few. Alternatively, you might decide to let everyone know where you were last seen. The fourth choice under the setting for your online status is Nobody, which you must select in that situation.

You only have two choices for masking your online status: “same as last seen” or “everyone.” So you can choose your last seen option first, then use it for your online status. You’ll be able to do this to keep your WhatsApp online status a secret from certain contacts or from all of them.

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