A Desktop Call tab Feature is Coming to WhatsApp


While it offers a separate app just for PC users, WhatsApp is the most widely used social media messaging program for smartphones.

For its Windows users, the Meta-owned platform is adding a new function. Recently, WhatsApp included a sidebar in the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2240.1.0. Options like the chat list, status updates, and settings are all included on the sidebar. The WhatsApp Call tab is a new handy feature that the company is now including on the sidebar.

Your call history will be displayed on the phone under the WhatsApp call tab, as the name implies.

A well-known WhatsApp tracking website called WABetainfo, which has a great track record of predicting new innovations in WhatsApp, discovered the feature. What does the new WhatsApp call tab feature offer? Let’s find out.

WhatsApp Call Tab: What is it?

The 2.2246.4.0 update for WhatsApp has been made available to Windows beta users.

A call tab has been added to the app’s sidebar as of the most recent update, which was released on the Microsoft Store. As seen in the screenshot up top, WhatsApp has added a call icon to the left sidebar that opens a call menu. Currently, it only displays calls coming from that particular device. However, a future update to WhatsApp is anticipated to include the addition of call history sync. As a result, calls made from your smartphone will sync with the online version.

A small number of WhatsApp beta testers have already received Windows 2.2246.4.0, but more are likely to get it soon. In March 2021, WhatsApp released the calling feature on the desktop version, enabling all users to make voice and video calls on a large screen.

In March 2021, WhatsApp’s calling feature was released on the desktop version, enabling all users to make voice and video conversations on a large screen.

It appears that WhatsApp is now working on adding new capabilities to the desktop client in addition to its mobile applications. A new feature that allows desktop users to lock the app’s screen was recently seen being tested by the business. When this option is turned on and configured, the user will need to enter a password in order to access the computer application.

The most recent features of WhatsApp’s mobile app have been released.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, announced a number of features that will be made available to WhatsApp users. The Poll functionality was recently made available to iOS and Android users worldwide. Other recent additions include communities, emoji reactions, the capacity to share huge files, and the admin’s ability to delete other users’ messages.

The number of participants in a WhatsApp video conversation has climbed to 32, and the group limit has gone up from 256 to 1024. On the app, users can now transfer huge files up to 2GB in size. Regardless of who submitted them, group administrators have the ability to delete undesired or troublesome messages from everyone’s chat.